Toscana Pallets is located in Bientina (Pisa), in the heart of Tuscany, in a place characterized by the presence of artisan companies and industries operating in various sectors.

The Company was established in 1968 by Franco Vierucci.

The intuition of the importance of pallets for the transport of goods, the far-sightedness and the continuous stimulus exercised to improve the company’s activity by the founder have allowed Toscana Pallets, initially started as a craft enterprise, to develop over the years.

The generational changeover brought Luca Vierucci at the helm of the company in 2016.

Taking the entrepreneurial values of rationality and concreteness as his own, Luca designed the new organizational structure, supporting the company’s evolution with important investment plans, aimed at the continuous improvement of the production activity.

The validity of the first “idea” and the subsequent evolutionary path are the foundations that have allowed Toscana Pallets to become the national leader in the sector, with increasingly important market shares, which have led to a stable annual turnover of over 40 million euros, to employ over 80 employees, in addition to the same number of operators in the supply chain, to equip itself with 7 technologically advanced and extremely versatile production lines for the continuous and contemporary production of both standard and non-standard pallets, according to the customer’s design.


  • Company surface: about 75.000 sqm.
  • Production plant: 6.000 sqm.
  • Raw material wood: about 13,000 cubic meters of semi-finished products used monthly.
  • Production lines: 7, dedicated to standard and non-standard pallets, mini pallets and dashboards.
  • Production: about 16,000 pallets produced daily.
  • Canopies: about 12.000 sqm.
  • Treatment and drying plants: 5. In addition to the mobile plant, fuelled by biomass, new double chamber kilns have been added, allowing to reach a daily treatment and drying capacity of over 25,000 pallets.
  • Painting plants: 2, with exclusive use of water-based paints and with a capacity of about 10,000 painted pallets per shift.
  • Photovoltaic plant: with a power of over 500 KW, installed during the energy efficiency of the factory roof, with total reclamation of the previous asbestos roof.
  • Peripheral warehouses: located throughout Italy, to guarantee the safety stocks of pallets for continuous production cycle plants and deliveries during day and night.